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Show your family, friends, clients, and audience, the revolutionary new way to start, grow and fund a business with the power of an all-in-one generative AI business copilot & platform for entrepreneurs.

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To democratize entrepreneurship to make it universally accessible to everyone.


To better the future of people and the world through increasing and supporting entrepreneurship.

Give entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to succeed!

Despite the numerous hardships caused by the pandemic, such as layoffs and with the high risk of business failure. Offer your entrepreneurial audience or network an opportunity to realize their business aspirations!

Earn unlimitedly while
making a positive impact.

Do what what you do best! Everyone at some point refers something to someone. Earn endlessly just by sharing a great solution that can add value to peoples’ lives!


Want to start a business?
Discover how to use affiliate marketing as a business.

Learn how to start your own business using affiliate marketing programs like adaine. Find out how you can capitalize on using another company’s program to generate unlimited revenue online.

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Todd, 5.0 rating
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Awesome app! It's like having your own personal AI co-founder with extra perks. Def one to recommend to others!
Sophia, 4.0 rating
Read More
I just started using adaine and it's been a good experience so far! I thought it was a bit novelty at first, but the AI coach does know a lot and could answer my questions.
Erika, 5.0 rating
Read More
I was a bit skeptical at first, but adaine has definitely won me over! It's been super helpful in answering my questions and I love the content within the app.
Rosa, 5.0 rating
Read More
Such a cool app! I'm so lucky to have been given early access. I can't wait to share this when it launches!
Anthony, 5.0 rating
Read More
A-one-stop hub for entrepreneurs! Adaine's cool to speak to and I've already saved money with the discounts. Definitely worth checking out!
Dale, 4.0 rating
Read More
First time talking to an AI assistant for business, was a bit werid. However, the resources and support was good.
Mario, 4.0 rating
Read More
I'm not usually one for chatbots, but adaine has definitely changed my mind! I can't believe what I've learned through adaine and the app already.
Josh, 5.0 rating
Read More
This just hits different! It's like Siri for business! Would recommend adaine to any boss who wants a business side-piece tool!
Rafael, 3.0 rating
Read More
As an early beta tester, I was impressed with what adaine could do, but I did find that sometimes it didn't have an answer to every single question. Overall the benefits out-weighted this point

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Get paid net-30 days and after your commission hits the payment threshold every time a new member has signed up. 

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Provide your network with access to everything from AI-led micro-accelerators, up to 10million in funding and up to 1 million in business savings. A no-brainer referral!

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Join an award-winning team that is on a mission to support people who are pursing their entrepreneurial dreams. Want to also make a positive impact on someone’s life?

Affiliate FAQs

Nope! There is no cap or limit to your earnings. The sky is the limit!

Depending on your referral’s paid plan, your commission will be between 20-35% of the first month or annual subscription.

We do not accept all applications.

We want to work with partners that align with our mission, vision and ethos. To maximize your chances of being accepted into the Adaine Partner Program, be sure to complete all required fields in the application, including links to your LinkedIn and website.

Please kindly note: Although we accept partners with smaller audiences, at this time we are only accepting individuals who have an audience size of more than 500. For people with audience sizes of less than 500 please use the Adaine ‘Share & Earn’ referral scheme within the platform.

We want out partners to produce/create honest and engaging content about Adaine. To make sure that our partners win, we can also provide access to a variety of materials, such as videos, ads, emails, and social media posts, that can be utilized to promote and share our solution adaine.

We have a number of different promotions that we run to help promote adaine. These promotions vary, but they can include everything from credits to vouchers off.

Once you are approved as a partner you will get access to all the current promotions available.

Self-referrals are not acceptable. The purpose of the referral program is to motivate affiliates and ambassadors to promote our product(s), not to receive discounts. Any effort to get credit for your own purchase will result in the permanent termination of your affiliate and user account.

After a period of 30 days has elapsed, any new purchase made by a user who was originally referred to a website will not be tracked. Therefore, if a user buys a product more than 30 days after their initial referral, the conversion will not be counted.

Get paid via your PayPal account net-30 days and after your commission hits the payment threshold of £25/$25 every time a new member has signed up. 

Our partner program utilizes the best affiliate tracking software available. It is equipped with state-of-the-art tracking technology and a user-friendly dashboard that can be used to monitor clicks, leads, customers, and more. When someone clicks on your link, a cookie is attached to their browser, enabling the tracking of them if they sign up to become a lead (known as “referral”). Even if they click on someone else’s link afterward, they will still be attributed to you. People have 30 days to become a lead after clicking on your link, after which the cookie will expire and they will no longer be tracked.

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Copyright © adaine 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © adaine 2023.
All rights reserved.