Democratizing entrepreneurship for everyone.

We’re on a mission to create an all-in-one entrepreneurship ecosystem powered by AI. Providing everything an entrepreneur needs to start, run and grow their business easily from anywhere, at any time, and without any barriers. 


To democratize entrepreneurship to make it universally accessible to everyone.


To give everyone the power to become an entrepreneur to better the future of people and the world.

We all have the power to be entrepreneurs.

We all have the power to be entrepreneurs.

The world has changed.

The pandemic has triggered a surge in business start-ups, side-hustlers and intrapreneurs across major economies. However, unfortunately, there is still a 90% failure rate. 

Some of the common issues entrepreneurs’ face when starting or running a business include: lack of resources, lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of support, and lack of capital. ‘Adaine’ was built to respond to this.

Not only has the world changed, but how entrepreneurs want and need to be supported has changed too. We believe that a balanced entrepreneur is a successful one.

Adaine was built to provide entrepreneurs with a ‘balanced’ all-in-one suite of tools and resources to help them succeed – from financial and wellness support, micro-learning to savings, funding, social impact, and of course unlimited startup support from adaine – the world’s first generative AI startup assistant.

We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential.

Created by innovators with a global mission.

We’re an award-winning team that believes that everyone should have access to the resources and knowledge they need to pursue their dreams. At INATIGO (the creators of adaine) we’re committed to making that happen!


adaine/adaine {noun}

We’re a company that was founded by entrepreneurs, so we’re naturally passionate about creating great experiences for other entrepreneurs and startups.

 We don’t do things the conventional way – instead, we do things our own way, which has earned us labels like “different” and even “crazy.” We’re proud of those labels, because they represent our commitment to doing things differently!

We’re always looking for new and better ways to do things, and we’re not afraid to take risks. That’s how we’ve built our company, and it’s how we continue to grow.

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adaine founder

Top 64 Women in Startups & Tech
Best Product Engineer
Finalist: Innovator Of The Year

“Innovation is the key to a brighter world. Innovators just need the time to be able to shine their lights and inspire the world” 

Top 64 Women in Startups & Tech 2022
Best Product Engineer 2022
2021 Finalist: Innovator of the Year

adaine founder

Refivitiv Top 30 Tech Titans
Finalist: Innovator of the Year 
UKBAA Awards Finalist 2019

“adaine is the perfect example of how artificial intelligence can be used to support and empower entrepreneurs”

Top 30 Tech Titans 2022
2020 Finalist: Innovator of the Year.
UKBAA Awards Finalist 2019

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Copyright © adaine 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © adaine 2023.
All rights reserved.