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This is the first version of the adaine assistant and  platform.

Therefore, adaine’s neural network is still constantly learning and there are some features and services unreleased within this version. 

In order to help adaine improve, the more feedback we receive, the overall experience will be increased for all.

Adaine in the world’s first all-in-one generative AI business assistant and platform for entrepreneurs. Helping entrepreneurs to 10x their business, growth and productivity all-in-one place.

The pandemic has triggered a surge in business start-ups, side-hustlers and intrapreneurs across major economies. However, unfortunately, there is still a 90% failure rate. 

Some of the common issues entrepreneurs’ face when starting or running a business include: lack of resources, lack of knowledge, lack of time, lack of support, and lack of capital.  Adaine was built to respond to this.

Therefore adaine will provide entrepreneurs with a ‘balanced’ all-in-one suite of tools and resources to help them succeed – from financial and wellness support, micro-learning to savings, funding, social impact, and of course business coaching.

Adaine was built by a team of award-winning entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers who are passionate about building products that make a difference in people’s lives. The company behind adaine is called INATIGO

No, adaine is not a real person. Despite the fact that speaking with adaine seems like speaking with a person, it is 100% AI.

AI stands for Artificial intelligence. This implies that each time adaine responds, you engage with a highly developed neural network machine learning algorithm.

adaine is a mix scripted conversation material with an advanced neural network machine learning algorithm.

To provide its own distinctive responses, adaine was trained on a large dataset and programmed to understand the startup and venture capital world.

To further support entrepreneurs, adaine is also trained and powered by award-winning Finley AI‘s financial data model in order to be able to provide financial wellness and guidance.

The responses given by adaine are generated by deep learning models that have been specifically designed and trained to support entrepreneurs and startups through conversation.

These models have been taught business knowledge, startup terms, and understanding.

Although we have taken measures to improve the accuracy of the training, data and modelling used in the development of adaine, in order to provide informative and educational information to support entrepreneurs.

The knowledge-grounded conversational models such as adaine are known at times to suffer from producing factually invalid statements, commonly called ‘hallucination’.

As such, there are times when adaine will not provide optimum and adequate responses.

In order to help improve adaine’s user experience, the more feedback is given the overall experience will be increased for all.

No, adaine was not designed to be a companion assistant or app. Adaine was developed to act as a startup/business coach and resource, which when required can be accessed via chat.

Currently adaine can only respond to and understand English.

However, we are planning to add more languages in the future.

Adaine was not designed to be a companion, for which long term memory is a requirement.

Adaine was developed to act as a startup and business coach and resource, which when required can be accessed via chat.

As such, there is a limited amount of conversation context, so it will appear to forget things. We are reviewing extending this context.


A combination of sophisticated neural network machine learning models and scripted language content is used to generate and power adaine’s responses.

An AI micro-accelerator is the world’s first startup accelerator taught and led by AI human coaches and supported by office hours led by adaine – the world’s first generative AI business coach.

Helping entrepreneurs to learn how to start, fund, or grow a business all from bite-sized videos.

Why the adaine micro-accelerator?

Here are some of the reasons why adaine’s micro-accelerator was created:

  • Just 12% of online courses are completed on average.
  • The majority of people perceive the traditional length of courses and lessons as a deterrent to finishing them.
  • People favour bite-sized summaries and short content.
  • Accelerators are selective and highly competitive.
  • Many accelerators do not teach from a structured curriculum. Therefore they do not always cover the essential basics of starting and running a business.
  • Bite-sized content has an engagement rate of up to 90%, compared to 15% for traditional learning.

Therefore based on all the above data, adaine’s accelerator is based on teaching an entrepreneur everything from the basics to the more complex areas of business such as funding, etc all from bite-sized videos. 

Currently at this time you will need to wait until your credits renew at the start of your next billing cycle. Don’t worry though, we’re working hard on bringing higher monthly limits on additional upgrade plans.

No. There is currently no pay-as-you-go plans. We only have monthly or annual plans at this time.

Yes. The monthly adaine+ plan will charge your account every month until you cancel or pause the subscription.

Yes. Your word count/limit will automatically be renewed/refreshed every month.

Short-form is writing such as product descriptions, paragraphs, advertisements, social media, and so much more. This, therefore, means that you currently cannot write blogs or articles

All sales are final and no refund will be issued.

All purchases made via our platform, universal app or website are final at the point of sale.If you are from the UK, then under UK law, you have an automatic statutory right of withdrawal from purchasing digital content such as apps, games, in-app items or other media. However, when you purchase or subscribe to adaine include adaine plus ad any adaine premium service (digital content with adaine), you agree that the adaine and all digital content and benefits will be available to you immediately, and you waive your automatic statutory right of withdrawal. You will not be eligible for a refund (or any alternative remedy) and the 14-days-after-purchase refund policy for UK and EU residents does not apply. Your purchase will also be subject to the applicable our payment policy.

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Copyright © adaine 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright © adaine 2023.
All rights reserved.